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Napa Harvest Reviews

January 22nd, 2016

Napa Harvest Reviews

"This is beautiful, Lance. I like the way you filled the frame with these luscious fruits and foliage and love the colours you used for this. Your detail is amazing with wonderful light and shade, excellent brush strokes and great attention to the intricate leaf markings and varying colours in both the grapes and leaves.

I've had a look at your portfolio and you have some great pieces, really impressive work. I admire your tenacity." Suzanne Comment Written 21-Oct-2015 by suzannethompson2


"A truly remarkable and exceptional work. Every facet and element of this work is remarkably beautiful. Your mastery of the medium is impeccable. A very memorable and visually stunning piece. The textures, lighting, the richness of color set this work apart and above. A truly remarkable and beautiful work. Thanks."

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